It’s a boy!

I wanted it to be a surprise.  The gender.

Let me just warn you that everyone assumes you know what you are doing when you are having a baby.  I had an appointment with the ultra-sound technician.  They don’t give you instructions.  It is not “lay down, expose your stomach, and I will get you a sheet to cover up.” It was “lay down on the bed.”  I had never met or worked with her before.  So I just have to assume she wants me to yank up my dress as she shuts the door to the waiting room…..

Anyway. The door shuts and she gets me a sheet to cover up (since I wore a dress) she starts to look for baby.

2014-09-14 15.07.00
Baby shower shot….

I wasn’t excited about the gender until she said “it looks like a boy.”  I immediately realized that our baby boy would have a baby boy to play and grow up with on both sides on our family.  My aunt has an infant boy and my sister in law is due a few months before us and is expecting a boy.

J doesn’t have brothers. I don’t have brothers.  We are so excited to have a little boy! Now to pick out the name…..

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