Our Family

Come on a journey with our little family.  We love to be together, cook, work, be with friends, dream big, and kiss our new baby.  We might have advise- or need advise-, review products we like, tell you our new favorite restaurant in the 417 land, or tell you about how God is working in our life that week.  This started as a platform to promote my husbands real estate business, but I decided to take it over.  The writers will mainly by myself, Kelsie, or my husband, Jeremiah.  We want you to feel like we are your neighbor and that you can come barrow a cup of sugar anytime you want.  We might not have actual sugar to give but hopefully you can get something out of being with us as we hope to get something out of you. Sharing and friendship as we go through this life here on earth.  So pull up a comfy seat and enjoy some coffee… let us know what you think. Talk to you soon.


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