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Motherhood; and the parenting community

This morning I have read three articles on the same topic. One made me want to cry.  After some reflection I want to cry for her….  One made me want to be the writers friend, because she is so sassy.  All three articles are worth a read. I don’t agree 100% with any one them, but it is amazing how much shame is pushed on us for making certain parenting decisions I have many different types of friends. Politically, spiritually, and relationally. (Is that a word?)  I want you to read this is you are male, female, queer, or other.  Mom, dad, new parent, grandparent, or never want kids.  Read these to see into (yet another) underlying conflict our society has and maybe it will give you some insight into how that new or expecting mom feels that works or stays at home. The titles and articles/ blogs are linked below. **I am doing my best not to justify my own decisions and opinions or insert them to make anyone feel one way or another. I understand where each author is coming from.  But two of the three are pretty mean. Whether it be towards a specific group of mothers or towards one specific author. If you know me you probably know how I would feel about each of these, but my main point is; lets lift our neighbors up, not tear them down. What I would want you to take away or what I am thinking about is: one, why is there hate for certain types of mothers?  Two, no one ever asks these questions about dads. Three, why can’t we support one another in this parenting journey?  It takes a village and not all village people will do it all the same, and that’s okay. Dear Daughter, Here’s Why I Don’t Work Dear Daughter, Here’s Why I Work Dear Everyone: Here’s Why I Don’t Want to Read Your Crappy Opinions on What Mothers Should Do What emotions did these bring up for you?  Did any of these make you feel more confident as a person or parent?  Did you realize this was something your co-worker or friend could be dealing with?